Monday, October 12, 2009

Caterpillar In Drag

I spent 24 fantastic hours with my family camping at Roland Cooper State Park in Camden, Alabama, over the weekend. In case you've never been to Camden, or the Alabama River near Historic Gee's Bend, I can only describe it as unbridled relaxation, with a soft note of magic vibrating below the surface.

We were visited both days by this really odd caterpillar, which I loved because I felt like it was wearing couture Givenchy. My dad lent his hand as a runway. I have no idea how it will emerge from its chrysalis, but I like to think it will be singing a melody about freedom and individuality.

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Arkanzin said...

Funny thing you mentioned Givenchy. Mother and I were out shopping for her birthday gift. She wanted one of her favorite fragrances by Givenchy.

I asked the clerk where Ysatis was. I said it as it was supposed to be said. She had this pained look on her face. She had no clue what I just said.

She asked, "Who makes it?"

I responded with "Givenchy," in my best Arkansas French.

Again, the pained look on her face with her response, "I don't think we carry that brand."

I showed her another fragrance by "Givenchy" and her eyes lit up and she excited said, "Oh, Giv-en-chee! (Said as if you "give an inchy") Yes, we carry that brand. What color box were you looking for?"

Uhm, "The purple and gold one," Mother responded.

"Oh, well, we're out of the gold box."

Point of story: Just ask for the purple and gold box next time. Never say the name of the cologne or the name of the designer. It's too difficult for retail clerks.