Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Baggu II

It should come as no surprise that I am one of those weird people who has and uses reusable grocery bags. People who don't like that can suck it. That goes mostly to the people who work at my local grocery store and look at me like an alien from another planet (that actually happens a lot around here) when I use them EVEN THOUGH THEY SEE ME AT LEAST ONCE EACH WEEK. I have now taken to obnoxious chastising and recognition of the obvious. "Yes, just like last week, those are still my reusable bags ... the same ones I've had for 3 years, and did you know how much petroleum is used to make plastic bags - the same ones you insist on filling with exactly 1 item?" to which I usually get vacant stares of indifference.

For a long time I had 3 Baggu bags - Red, Black, Khaki. Last Thursday we lost Black during a grocery bagging incident in which cashier with creepy weird face and inappropriate questions ("Where do you work?" isn't always the best opener) got me sidetracked so I couldn't manage bagger boy who clearly had questions with what to do with the unused bag. It got left behind. I went back to claim it the next day but of course dealt with "Not now I'm busy," customer service desk and so I came home and I took action. I had to vindicate the loss of Black Bag so I bought 6 more bags from Baggu.

I also like to troll the discount bins at Target and had purchased $1 mesh laundry bags a year or so ago, and which of course I hadn't used because who uses those? But what they ARE fantastic for is produce, as well as storing my other Baggus in my car, when not in use. And so I take a stronger, more colorful stand against the use of plastic grocery bags and, in doing so, renew my commitment to bitch slap the grocery store people for their apathy. You may have claimed Black Baggu in your efforts to emerge as the victor, but you just try to take Poppy. Just try.

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