Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let There Be Light

This image of what I believe to be a coal elevator, taken yesterday morning as I walked my dog along the river trail, doesn't look the way I actually saw it. The humidity that crowded the air and brought sweat to the surface much sooner than usual met with low lying clouds of deep charcoal not in a suggestion, but a mandate, of rain and for a brief moment I thought the cover would choke out morning all together.

Thankfully this wasn't the case. And initially the light behind the elevator was the faintest shade of lavender and vowed to me that its power was unheeded and it would, indeed, make its regularly scheduled appearance. I live for silver linings and tend to root for underdogs, so felt inspired to capture the moment as a reminder.

This is where frustration found me. My camera, a replacement for the one which I lost in Spain last summer, has many bells and whistles apparently: none of which I've summoned to function in their intended purpose. In fact, the arrival of a new battery yesterday, at first, just disappointed me that the HD feature was such an incubus that a battery wouldn't even last a year.

Another silver lining emerged, however, upon its installation: the emergence of a menu, and the delivery of a tutorial. Far from Avedon, I at least have a better grasp of features and am eager to seek new subjects and opportunities.

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