Friday, September 18, 2009

Port de Bras II

Today is a day I've been anticipating for many months. I am off to Germantown for the final component of my Cadillac-Chair-Barrels (what's known in pilates as "CCB") training at Ballet Memphis. The CCB really brings the entire scope of the pilates method to a comprehensive level: while I am certified on the matwork and reformer, I feel, as an instructor, that my continued pursuit of the appartus training has only enhanced my teaching ability there.

For a long time the CCB training was offered as one educational module, and would span 5 weekends over the course of 2 months. With at least 55 hours of actual classroom and practical training, and a large subset of observation, physical review and practice teaching hours (and six different educational manuals), it was understandably off-putting for someone who already has a full-time job. Thankfully the program was restructured and each dimension separated into its own module, allowing the training to be taken in phases. It's the only way I've been able to tackle it, and I love the group with whom I train because it's smaller, more intimate, and the quality of the education and training is stellar.

Since March of 2007, when I began regularly visiting the studio in Alabama (after dabbling in pilates both at home and at a studio when I lived in Little Rock), I have seen a significant change in my body and my outlook on life. I move much more freely, I have a lot more baseline stamina and stability, and I'm just a heck of a lot happier. I highly encourage everyone I meet to "have a go" with pilates. Tackle it with an open mind and don't set too many expectations for unrealistic, immediate aesthetic results. Instead, give yourself a few months just to get to know the work and very quickly you'll enjoy results as a byproduct of the effort.

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