Thursday, September 03, 2009


We are en route to Burghley from Bath and have just driven through
Gloucestershire. It is positively stunning in the Cotswolds and,
surprise of surprises, the air reeks of cow manure! Things they don't
tell you on websites! Oh well, one thing is certain, cow manure smells
the same in England as it does in Alabama. We had dinner last night at
a pub out in the country called The George Inn. It has been licensed
since 1397. Fantastic food and the bar wench was gorgeous. I attempted
playing model scout. Pfeff, I have found your next It Girl. Holla!

I am also dressed in my "country attire" and am making quite a scene
here at the roadside car stop. I think they're mistaking me for Guy
Ritchie but Rob assures me it's because I am transparently American.

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