Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, Master

When I moved to Tuscaloosa in 2006 I took up swimming laps for a brief period at the University of Alabama Aquatic Center. I really enjoyed swimming but, times being what they were, I didn't stick with it (let's face it, it's difficult to fathom swimming at night during winter, even though it's all inside and heated and comfortable-like).

As part of this endeavor I acquired a few necessary items: silicon ear plugs, goggles, and a Master Lock to keep in my "swim bag." These days I often go to my gym to do 45 minutes of treadmill during my lunch hour, and discovered the Master Lock in my bag and thought, "Why not lock your valuables up as opposed to risking theft?" So I began dialing away at the lock and, of course, that recurring dream of being at my locker in high school and not recalling the unlock combination became a reality. I was disappointed, and nearing the point of tossing the lock to buy a new one. But I had a hard time doing that when I had a perfectly good lock, so I went on the Master Lock website and learned I could, indeed, request the combination since my lock had a serial number on the backside.

Of course, I had to take photographs, complete an affidavit and, no kidding, have it notarized, but they did comply and 4 weeks later, my combination arrived in the mail. The second I saw it I was like "Oh, of course! How could I forget ye oh combination of just 2 even numbers strung together in nearly a palindrome?" To avoid a repeat of this mentally taxing episode, I delegated retention of the combination to Mary Alice. Long live Mary Alice!

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