Friday, August 14, 2009

Problem Solver

There are certain aspects of my life which, when compromised, threaten to shake the very foundation upon which I exist. Think earthquake, followed immediately by tsunami. Examples include: the introduction of massage music to any scenario - it should be taken out back and shot; running out of coffee (put simply, the deal's off the table); and losing access to my phone contacts.

I got an iPhone 3GS this week and activated it Tuesday night at, oh, 12:30 a.m. It's been fun getting to know it, but I'd been syncing my contacts on my other phone with my Groupwise at work. Or so I thought. Long story short - most of them where still in GW but it hadn't updated in nearly a year, so I spent a few hours Wednesday morning manually updating from the old phone to ensure I didn't lose anyone's number. Put it simply, if you're on "my list," you're important. All 348 of you. And I haven't memorized a phone number in probably 10 years (Clive Owen's personal assistant's laundry service not included).

Normally this syncing thing wouldn't be a big issue, I would just work it out with our IT guys but the iPhone has presented some unique challenges to our network and a recent upgrade of the syncing software went astray, leaving my new iPhone with no contacts. I've been wandering the desert. Fortunately I had an address book and was able to export in VCard Format, and while pondering scenarios aloud with my network admin, he (also an iPhone user) mentioned bringing the address book into Google and thought I could access my contacts that way.

So I did. And it was good. And I merged contacts and got it all cleaned up nice and proper-like, then got Gmail (not my primary mail but thinking I will be migrating) on the iPhone, then started trying to figure out "how to." Not surprisingly, I did a search and stumbled upon an app. "Sync In A Blink," will sync iPhone and Gmail contacts and let me just say, it was the best $4.99 I have spent. Within 2 minutes I went from having a really fancy horse tacked up in the barn aisle but foggy on how to ride to galloping down to the Huntsman's Close.

Prepare for total iPhone domination, y'all!

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LibbyDuffy said...

rbj -- Google's sync programs are da bomb. I can't sync outlook to my BB Storm, because I'm not on a BES server (mail yes, calendar no) and then I discovered Google sync for my puter. (Aleady had Google sync on BB) Google syncs calendar entries with Outlook and then syncs automatically to BB.

Total awesomeness. Gmail is awesome. Google sync is awesome.

Enjoy the iphone!