Friday, August 07, 2009

The Hours

As mentioned yesterday, I've been floating around this summer in a sea of static. It's been my interpretation of relaxation and fun, much needed of course, but in the process I've suspended reading for pleasure and today that shall be remedied via a visit to the Tuscaloosa Library.

I like using GoodReads to maintain a queue of books I hope to read, as well as connect with friends to share suggestions, critiques, etc. Search for me there if you're so inclined.

My friend Patricia, whom I love, respect and admire greatly, once mentioned "The Hours" was a book she couldn't live without reading and admittedly, I was very taken with the film adaptation. It, along with "Les Miserables" has been on my 2009 list of reads, so I think I'm going to tackle it and see where it leads me.

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