Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Habanero II

It has taken me 3 years to muster up the courage to deal with a habanero pepper again. My first experience was harrowing, what with pepper oil on my fingertips burning my skin everywhere I unknowingly touched, and by the time I figured it out it was entirely too late. Thankfully I have surgical gloves and a really keen sense of self-preservation so I've avoided scalding the corners of my eyes and underneath my nose but the day is young ... let's hope I didn't leave a habanero trail on cabinetry, utensils, etc. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

My co-worker who grew them the last time just planted one bush this year, and shared a cadre of produce yesterday: bell pepper, jalapeno, chile, banana pepper, and butternut squash. I had half a red onion in the fridge so I diced it with some of the peppers and am making a big pot of navy beans.

I always saute the onion in a little EVOO, then add the pre-soaked beans to the pot, bring to a boil, simmer an hour or so, then place in the crockpot on low for the rest of the day. I also added some GOYA tomato base to this pot so we'll see how they turn out. If I steam a little brown rice I can pretend like I'm in Puerto Vallarta while I watch Miami Social tonight!

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