Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cholesterol Screening

Right, so, I'm off to have my cholesterol panel pulled first thing this morning. I have to drive to Hoover, which takes me about 45 minutes, as that's where my doctor is based. Despite common lore passed down from generation to generation, my blood is not nectar drawn from Hawaain hibiscus jungles and I do, indeed, struggle with maintaining my numbers. Typically my HDL ("good" protein) is low, my LDL ("bad" protein) is borderline to high, and my triglycerides ("blood fat") is almost always high. 
     Occassionally they'll be within a more normal range, but never are they stellar. I am not keen on the idea of being medicated so really work at diet and exercise, but considering I had french vanilla cake batter at 11:30 last night, am not optimistic today's numbers will be fantastic. I do, however, accept responsibility for that and let me just say, for the record, I would do it again. Oh I would. I will. 
     Visit the American Heart Association to learn more about cholesterol screening and guidelines.

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