Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bridge Over River Black

This morning I took an action on something I've wanted to do for awhile - ride my Pee Wee Herman bike over the river bridge to the farmer's market REALLY early (it opens at 6 a.m.). And after watching "Food, Inc." the other night - get ready folks, I've found some purpose and this is going to be big for me - I decided to stop thinking and start doing.

Nothing says humid like August in Alabama, so I was glad I had on my new Prana climbing knickers, even though they were soaked by the time I got there. I am fairly sure I will have a raging case of poison ivy since I opted to get onto the pedestrian/bike lane via the stair access below the bridge as opposed to riding up the levee and, surprise of all surprises, that stairwell is covered in vines and weeds. Seriously, I was looking for a troll.

All things considered, it was a 40-minute outing. My friend Johnny had his booth set up and I bought 3 golden zucchini, 3 Japanese eggplant, and a pound of fresh okra which I'm going to grill tonight. I cruised around the other booths and the produce looked really good. I am going again Thursday morning.

Who needs spin class when you've got your manual bike, hills, and fresh produce to score?

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