Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lacroix, sweetie ... Lacroix

Well this is certainly a report from Debbie Downer here on Wednesday. One of my goals as I begin my 38th year is to read more news so I've amped up the feeds on my Google Reader and included BBC. And while I scan scan scan for things that should matter - like issues in Korea, Iran, Africa, etc. - my eye lands on a headline about Couture Week in Paris.

Further testament to the "pull" theory on information, and yet another stark reality of the fragile world economy.

But, on a positive note, just remember a bleak landscape won't eradicate your education, your creative vision, your talent to execute, or your desire to contribute. We simply must adapt to the environment and plan for the future.

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Holly said...

Oh, no! Will we soon be seeing Lacroix creating couture for Target? Too bad for haute society and "yay" for the rest of us!!! :-)