Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interdental Brushes (She's A Galaxy Girl)

My friend Alexa and I used to sing Schoolhouse Rocks at the pool and our favorite was Interplanet Janet so, harharhar, love on that title, right?

Things you should know before you get a dental implant, or at least immediately thereafter, include the fact that there can be a significant amount of wasted space between the prosthetic and your gums, particularly if your implant is a molar. It's like a warehouse of space, and this warehouse, left unattended, becomes a potential breeding ground for trouble. Think of it as little broccoli bit old-school raves, or oatmeal-ridden electronics stacked in storage near a suspicious low hanging light fixture and rope beside a chair.

Ideally your oral health professional says, "Prepare yourself for additional steps since, let's face it, regular brushing and flossing doesn't really address the issue," but if they don't you can do what I did and just bust up in there and say, "OMG, my mouth tastes like I've just eaten roadkill and it's driving me crazy and I'm already crazy and I've considered busting out my implant with a rock and hammer YOU MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!" At which time the solution is rather simple (and has worked really well). Enter interdental brushes, they're a galaxy gal!

It's like a pipe cleaner that goes to town between teeth and under the prosthetic to eliminate particles flossing and brushing cannot reach. Well worth the $3 per pack and I advocate buying them and putting them everywhere. Stuff between my teeth brings out an animalistic crazy in me - even moreso than a sale at Dollar General - and I think we all know it's better to keep that guy in a happy place.

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