Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Times

I think this image was taken in December, 2003, when Maddie was 4. It's actually on the beach in Destin and it was the first time the terriers had ever been to the Gulf and of course they went nuts. Little Maddie's head has gone completely gray/white now, so it's fun to be reminded of how she used to look when she was a younger dog. As she gets closer to 10 (August), and I get closer to CrAzy (daily), I am even more attached to her - to the point that I think she would really LOVE going to work with me and maybe even helping teach pilates. At my job in Arkansas we worked from a home-based office where dogs were welcome. I seldom took mine because, let's face it, not everyone has a stomach for 3 Jack Russells, but I was sometimes inclined to declare a "Take your daughter-dog to work day," and I always was most productive with a curled-up Maddie asleep on my lap.

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Pennisi's said...

DOgs do make us happy! My poodle has no clue he is a dog. We even have birthday parties for him.