Thursday, July 30, 2009

Battle House, Yes Ma'am ...

I am in love, again.

I had the chance to stay at the Battle House Hotel in Mobile, Alabama, last weekend as part of my 20-year high school reunion festivities. Because I am from Mobile (a native, y'all) and my family is still there, I actually toured the hotel last Thanksgiving as a possible venue for the reunion but it was spendy so we sought other options. I decided, however, that I would stay there and fortunately many of my friends did as well.

When I was in college, the Battle House was near demolition, and home to pigeons and transients. I was a runner for a law firm and would admire it when I walked past, imagining its heyday with visions fueled by my grandmother's recollections of the era. I left Mobile in 1996 and somewhat forgot about the building, but fortunately there were many people equally as enchanted as myself and through much dedication and perseverance, it's a very grand establishment on Mobile's bustling downtown scene.

The pool and spa area are fantastic and I highly recommend it as a destination or staycation!

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Savvy said...

isn't the Battle house divine! we stayed there last year for our reunion.
I remember when I was little and the battlehouse had a sale of all the furnishing...I think it had been closed up for a while...we thought it was scary...but super cool to see all the history the hotel had. {bought a scale that would be worth something if we had kept it...} thanks for the post about such a fabulous historical place in good ole Mobile!