Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is Yo' Hair Tight?

My friend Sue took pictures of me braiding my horse in, seriously, 2002, which I posted as a "how-to" reference guide at The Chronicle of The Horse Forums. US Eventing picked it up last week and added it to their blog this week, which is pretty cool, huh? I mean, relevancy at 7 years is a good thing!

I look at these pictures and am taken into a time machine because my life is so different now. I always think of my horses and my dear friends when I think of my life in Arkansas. We lost one of them yesterday: Susan Burney, who sold me my mare Willow in 1997 and gave me her daughter Ouisie in 2008, succumbed to her lengthy battle with cancer quietly at her sweet little farm. Susan was with us much longer than ever initially expected - probably at least 5 years - and kept her cheery, sunny outlook everytime we spoke. As a horse person, she was a realist, and sometimes we'd just laugh about "That Damned Cancer."

I hope Susan is smiling on a horse's back somewhere, because I know that's what she'd want.

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