Monday, June 01, 2009

Ginger Limeade

Who knew there were actual recipes for Ginger Limeade? I thought I was being so creative and healthy-like when I had a look around the kitchen Saturday morning and the little computer in my head said, "Must do something with limes."

Of course, my homey Mr. Martin and I both showed up at Pensacola last weekend with a bag of limes each and, because I'm a dumpster diver incapable of discarding perfectly good food, I came home with all of mine and a big chunk of his.

I had invited some friends over for a pool gathering as our weather forecast was stellar - quite different than the steady rain that consumed May - and decided I would utilize my groovy new water pitcher and make Ginger Limeade. I read an anecdote written by a Chinese man who once was asked by his father to drink in his place at a business gathering; I believe the poison was Scotch. The man (was he a doctor? this is beginning to come back to me) knew to temper his drinking with intermittent cups of ginger tea, and awakened the next day feeling fine, whereas the constituent was quite affected. Even though I'm not a Scotch drinker, I did have some poolside beerahs and figured, hey, it wouldn't hurt to mix it up a little with the power of ginger.

Here's how I made mine:

  • Limes. A bunch. Probably 12 or so. Juiced 'them.
  • Big chunk of ginger. Peeled it. Chopped with a wee bit of water in a mini-chopper.
  • 1 cup of sugar.

Mixed lime juice with sugar and stirred until dissolved. Filled with water and added ginger. Good stuff.

The pool gathering was quite fun, and it occurred both days. I did really nothing except enjoy the company of a lovely dinner companion on Saturday night - Miss Bilanciato Vita, thankyouverymuch - worked out, and floated in the pool. It was heavenly and just what the doctor ordered.

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