Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Let That Golden Hair, Get In Your Way ...

Initially my thoughts are to judge, and maybe even murmur, "What an asshole." Especially when I see this Douchey McFamilyman image.

But we seldom see what goes on behind closed doors and if I've learned anything in nearly 38 years, it's that there are multiple sides to every story. Perception, motivation, and actions are really peculiar and specific to the individual.

Categorically speaking, however, I am not a fan of the sweeping generalizations, oversimplifications and holier-than-thou presentation our brethren who sit to the Right pass out as their calling card.


Thanks again George Motherfucking Bush for your fear and hate-based ploys to win over "Wholesome America," while you and your constituents raped America, got even more rich off oil and petroleum, tanked our economy and left an impossible legacy for a leader with truly genuine motives for comprehensive change to sort out. Washed-out facsimiles of your party platform - like Mark Sanford - serve as artifacts and remind me, once again, why you suck so much. It's not that you've had an affair; sex is sex and honestly, what's the big deal? It's that you default to a lie when the truth is a lot easier to stomach.

Note to Republican Party: You are not Jesus Christ and you shouldn't bolster that sort of existence as your political mainstay. I think if you acted real and recognized the gorillas in the room as Human Condition, you'd get a lot more respect and gain a lot more ground. Got it, Sister Honey?

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