Monday, June 08, 2009

Burghley Bound, Y'all

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So Saturday night/yesterday I had a little somethin' somethin' (a few little somethin' somethin's, actually) land in my lap: a trip to the United Kingdom! My friend Rob, a native of Bath who has lived in the US for at least 15 years, is returning to England to live with his father. We are going to The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials and I cannot wait! I have wanted to attend either Badminton or Burghley for many years, and the park is apparently very close to Rob's father, so we'll be able to take in the competition while we get our Cotswolds on, darling. I cannot wait to bring my special blend of Born Blond Dirt Road Ghetto Bitch to the U.K.

I wasn't planning to travel "big" this year at all, but airfare from Atlanta was quite affordable and, you know, life is short. Good friends come few and far between and what better way to enjoy them than in their native setting?

Bring on the scones and kidney pie, y'all ... I'm going to Burghley!


Tripple Spring said...

I am so incredibly jealous!

Holly said...

NO way! Lucky you, Robby. :-) Enjoy yourself!!!