Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bruce Banner

Last night as I prepped to brush my teeth and get my Super Sexy Bite Guard installed for nighty-night, I happened to look in the mirror and my eyes were this freakishly green color, to the point that for a brief moment I thought I might be turning into The Incredible Hulk. I mean, we've all read "The Secret," right? (I haven't.) From what I understand, it basically says if you believe it and put it out there, it will happen. And in my head am I a huge hulking angry-yet-misunderstood superhero? The answer to that is, quite simply, "yes."

When we were kids my neighbor had the unfortunate experience of her visiting friend having a grand mal seizure as she was getting into her car to leave. Our neighbor had no idea what to do and it scared her very bad, so she called my mother, who immediately donned her cape and flew down in the invisible jet because she is also a superhero. Todd, who was probably 4 or so at the time, was a bit hysterical because he did, indeed, think their friend was turning into The Incredible Hulk.

OK, Wednesday y'all!

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Rachel Mularz said...

Dear cousin o'mine, you are way too skinny!!