Tuesday, May 26, 2009

InMotion In Motion

I have returned from the Gulf Coast a safe, happy, healthy man. Despite a few setbacks - mainly SERIOUS rain - we managed to have a great time, making many new memories sure to be recounted in Robby: The Malibu Years.

Because I was prepared for maximizing optimal conditions (i.e. Sun Sun Sun would've meant closed traffic and all day on the beach), that meant Murphy's Law was enacted, but I cannot fathom a contingency plan for being on the beach in a deluge. And thusly our strategy was to take my friend's EZ-Up tent, and minimize logistics so that if/when the downpour began we could evacuate quickly. That meant I didn't set up Cool Whiz (tm) at all but, not to worry, we've already envisioned our tent concept for next year and it will be incorporated. But because we're All 4 1, 1 4 All, we helped our co-tenters disassemble their pole based screen shelter and managed to get completely soaked. This would've happened regardless: raindrops the size of goose eggs that splatter like goose poo tend to immediately saturate.

Germs and I stopped at Wallace - Thomasville, Alabama, thankyouverymuch - en route to Pensacola so I could buy an iPod speaker. I found this one on clearance for $59.99 and while it works with my Nano, and claims to be Nano compatible, my battery eventually died and it wouldn't re-charge it, while Germs' regular iPod responded as claimed. Customer service enquiry? Most def. But still worth it if only for the phat beats we blared out all weekend while playing gin rummy and Uno.

Strategy Beer Only paid off, again, in spades. I have honestly reached that point in life where feeling bad as a result of consuming anything alcoholic is not worth the temporary fun usually accompanied from drinking. The good news is I can drink beer, enjoy temporary fun without being crazy, switch off at 8 p.m. and go with Diet Coke or water, and feel like a champ the next morning.

I will also not be doing any toe-touches without warming up properly as I've also reached a point in life where hamstrings get testy and let's face it, limping is never sexy.

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