Sunday, April 05, 2009

Updates and Stuff Like That ...

So, as I type, I am still computerless at home. And for now, I'm OK with it. It honestly is sort of nice to get home at night and just read. Granted, I read each night regardless, though it's one of the reasons I stay up later: surfing the web for info and organizing my daily life (online banking, calendar, etc.) is actually a task and space filler in and of itself. Obviously I won't be computerless (my new word) forever, but am taking my time in doing my research and understanding my exact needs. I was supposed to head to the Mac store today over in Birmingham but it's raining and I'm still recovering from Sangria: Bust Your Party Up. And while I'm at my office working on a project, I'm also eager to get to the pilates studio to workout and then home to finish planting my tomatoes in their final containers.

In the past week a few neat things have happened to me:

  1. I completed Stability Chair training and am now STOTT PILATES trained on this really great apparatus. It's a tough workout as it's a shorter range of motion, but it adds a neat dimension to the work, which many of us need. Of course I had a fantastic weekend in Holly Springs with Suzanne and Carrie, as well as the great friends I've made at Pilates Centre of Ballet Memphis who are helping me through this journey. I'll hopefully do the Barrels training in July or August, then will be prepared to test out for my CCB (Cadillac, Chair, Barrels) certification test by the end of the year. My 2010 goal is to hit the Advanced repertoires for the Reformer and Mat.
  2. I won a free cruise for 2! I renewed my lease during a renewal campaign and the grand prize was a cruise leaving from Mobile (Carnival) going to either Mexico, the Western Carribbean, or the Bahamas. It's all expenses save alcohol and excursions, and I am hoping MSJ and I can figure out a way to get our family in on the vacation over the holidays. We'll see what transpires.
Sorry for the randomness in posting, but thanks for all the sweet messages inquiring as to my blogging status. I vow to be back and in effect very soon. I'm looking forward to attending The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event at the end of the month and seeing my wonderful horse friends and "family."

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Shelby's Mom said...

OMGosh! I cannot believe you WON A CRUISE! Lucky Duck!