Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Parched. No, really.

While I was wandering the desert for 40 days and nights (more like 20 but who's counting?) I busted out my food dehydrator because, let's face it, nothing touted as being so simple can be so complex and I love nothing more than a good conquering. Did a few sweet potatoes have to perish in my quest to make sweet potato ginger rollups? Yes, oh yes. But I have dried apple slices for yearsweeks and we all know how important fiber is to our diets.

The truth is, I am recycling more and for me, that means fewer trips to the recycling trailer and asking the probing questions of "How could I re-use this?" when I get ready to toss a plastic jar. When you live on peanut butter like I do, you accumulate many plastic jars. It's actually eye-opening when you glance in your cupboard to find 8 jars over the span of 5 weeks, 3 of which are those huge tub sizes. Point being, they're perfect for storing dehydrated fruit and vegetables.

Now when I hit the grocery I pay particular attention in the produce section. Last night I bought probably 20 bananas for $2. I spent 15 minutes peeling and slicing but now I have banana chips who join their colleagues apple slices in a peanut butter jar in my cupboard. If you think fresh coconut and ginger aren't next on the short list, think again. I will have gourmet trail mix before it's all over with. And when I do, a whole new era of health and awesome will reign supreme.

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