Wednesday, April 22, 2009

External Hard Drive Goodness

I bought an external hard drive over the weekend at Target; 750 GB for $99 and I'm so excited to be transferring all of my backup shizzy to one location. Granted, the process of reviewing files is a bit telling (why do I need a grocery list from January, 2006?) but my intention, upon completion of CD transfer, is to go through the HDD and organize/cull files.

I am getting closer to iNtegration. Since my super-spud Dell Pocket DJ - Jesus Lord, have I been living in an electronic cave for 4 years? - is no longer speaking to my computer, I have no choice but to buy a Nano immediately because, let's face it, there will be no Pike's Peak on the treadmill until I have my playlists to propel me forward.

The bottom line is, in this day of electronica, it's probably a great idea to streamline your data. Life is short and clutter kills.

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