Monday, March 23, 2009

Vast Expanse

I love my life.

Last weekend I was gettin' all cultured-like at art museums in Dallas, this weekend I was baiting minnows on both a trotline and random limb lines for catfish along the Alabama River with my dad. This is actually a pic of my dad and mom leaving out yesterday morning to check said lines. Hey, we all get in on the action. (The results, as of yesterday, were less than stellar though the one fish they brought in was quite nice.) It's not so much about the fishing, but moreso about the fun.

After we had a slight mishap setting the first trotline - and by mishap what I mean is Daddy ran over the line with his boat motor, dragging the heavy weight with it and wondering 500 yards away why the boat wasn't running properly, then returning to repair it - my father said, "There's nothing I'd rather be doing on a Saturday evening than spending it on the river with you." Not often you get that kind of affirmation and it was just what I needed after a few rough weeks at work.

Combined with all kinds of campfire cooking (toasted coconut marshmallows anyone?) and visiting with the people who matter to me the most, and a brisk halfhour on the treadmill this morning, I'm ready to conquer my week. Sure, my Monday began at 4:30 a.m., but I'm ironed and energized and ret'ta'go!

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Michael said...

Oh, enjoy those moments!

The greatest memories I have with my father were the times we spent on the lakes fishing. My father was a fishing guide and we were often fishing Lakes Ouachita, Hamilton, and DeGray checking out the "hot spots."

I will never forget fishing for striped bass ("stripers") on Lake Ouachita, watching the stripers roll, and trying to reel one in. Stripers are one of the strongest fish in Arkansas and put up a tremendous fight when caught. Once snared, though, the battle was on. Was I going to be pulled out of the boat by this fish or was I going to succeed?

Lake DeGray was where I remember having my best day ever. Dad guided me to a place where (I swear!) I could not throw the bait out without reeling a smallmouth bass in! It infuriated him that he was not having the same luck! While he said it infuriated him, I know he was glad I was able to have such a great day.

Though we spent a lot of time on Ouachita and DeGray, Lake Hamilton was where we spent most of our fishing time. Though it is known as a recreational lake (boating, skiing, tubing, jet-skis, etc.), there were some great fishing spots out there.

Dad will be gone twenty years this November and I so miss those days with him on the lakes.

Did you have any fish wall mountings? And I don't mean a Billy Bass.