Friday, March 20, 2009

SUCKGASM Email Lists

The reality, I'm here to tell you, is that email marketing is bloody anarchy. Maybe that's a bit dramatic (No, really? Robby you? Dramatic?). It's at least like recipes for fried chicken. Everyone has their own way - better, of course - and just as soon as you buy-in or adapt, a better solution becomes apparent. Sort of like marriage. God I should just go back to bed.

Anyhoodle, yesterday's Holy Grail search at work involved finding duplicates in Microsoft Excel. I use and would like an e-letter solution inherent or compatible with the platform, just in case anyone has ideas, but right now I export the contacts and send the letter using a really great web-based solution called Constant Contact. This in and of itself isn't such a big hurdle, but I have to manually reconcile the bounce addresses back in Salesforce once a campaign concludes. My idea was to create worksheets per bounce category inside an Excel workbook, alongside my master list, then check for duplicates. The duplicates would reflect email addresses I need to amend.

I never fully got to my intended result - why run a formula when you can manually click and strain your eyes further? - but then I Googled and this is what I found. I cannot wait to try it. Until my integrated solution presents itself, this could be a heckuva lot easier for my routine list maintenance.

Anyone else have ideas or tips to share? Is this the technological equivalent of wearing acid wash and listening to Def Leppard on CD?

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