Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lord have mercy, y'all, I am nearly ashamed to be a week behind on my blog! Other than vacations, this is the longest I've ever gone without waffling on about nothing and it's been building up in me. I must express.

First off, sleep is a critical thing and the less I get, the crazier I seem. Captain Crazy must be stopped and so I have made a vow to get back to my 7.5 hour groove, particularly since I have really gotten into early morning cardio at my gym. Amazing how when I'm there at 5:30 and home by 6:45 I still make it out the door to work earlier than when I just wake up and tool about slowly. But admittedly my blog suffers. I will figure it out, not to worry.

I had a VERY busy week at work last week - anticipated but still rough and am using this week to reclaim my professional self. I've gotten off-kilter there due solely to tactical workload (not my strength) but strategically (strength) I have seen a big picture and now I'm all thrilled and excited and ready to implement. It's a future full of NO PAPER. I abhor stacks and yet I seem to make them and eventually just throw everything out. Such a paper waste. I'm going full-on paperless with an electronic filing system that will cost my company absolutely nothing and ideally will give me more time to invest in the "project" side of project management.

All work and no play is also a fast track to implosion, especially for me. I live to engage with people and when that ratio gets unbalanced I begin to suffer. As much as I want to be a lotus, I'm more like a day lily. I need sunlight to grow. Which is why I hit up Dallas last weekend to visit some friends and had a blast. We did way too much nightlife but it was overdue, mostly because I've accepted the fact that I'm getting too old for this. Why can't nightclubs happen from like 5-9 p.m.?

Shopping and culture was the schedule for Saturday afternoon and in the Bishop Arts district we patronized Shambhala Soaps. I highly recommend it based entirely on the use of this foaming sugar soap, as well as the shop manager who was so fabulous I just wanted to curl up at her feet and sleep on a mattress for a week. Think Glenda the Witch of the North meets your eccentric aunt. Total amniotic experience. I am a little bit of a product-ho but it's mostly because I'm very sensitive to smell and navigate well with aromatherapy. Their soy candles are fantastic too; I'm currently burning the Tomato & Basil candle as an homage to the gardening God in anticipation of my crops this summer.

So now I'm off to conquer my day and I'm feeling good about it. Hopefully I can get my schedule more efficient so I can accommodate the things I deem important. Writing is definitely a practice that helps, and I'm blessed to be employed in a capacity which taps into this outlet.

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