Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My SuperFamous Friend and Biodiesel

Clearly I've got Earth on my mind - sorta like Freemasons except they've got love on their mind and if you think this song is totally not Mexico 2006, and Harmonica and I may have sung it LOUDLY as we were sailing back into the harbor, you're wrong - this week. I mean, yesterday I get all bike-y then my friend Schulte sends a link to a story he just wrote on a documentary about biodiesel, which I shall put on my Netflix list as I vow to be more informed in 2009.

When I used to have diesel-powered vehicles (F250's y'all!) it always irked me that I couldn't get this environmentally-progressive fuel option. Of course, I wasn't too keen to break down in the sticks of North Texas even though you know they have a surplus of used cooking grease from their cultural fixation on chicken-fried steak - now that I think about it, why was I worried? - so I just stuck with the tried and true Flying J petroleum-derived diesel.

But this is a reminder that our new day has dawned. We MUST continue seeking and implementing better options if we intend to inhabit this planet, and leave it behind responsibly for succeeding generations.

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