Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Lotto Nothing

Years ago I had a dream I won the Texas Lottery while at a horse show. Calling it a dream is even a stretch because it was so detailed it was more like a premonition, right down to the numbers and the authority asking jovially, "What are you going to do with $60K per month?" (Like I would do an annuity, child please, give it to me at once so I can SPEND, okay? Ibiza for everyone!)

It was so real I awakened feeling very happy and rich! It took a minute for reality to establish but instead of being sad, I was determined. And so I play Texas Lotto every time I go to Texas, and I usually play my numbers but never have they won. I did quick pick last week and while I didn't win, someone did. The number string was nowhere close - it began with 31 as the lowest value and worked up from there. Who would select that on purpose?

Guide me, Lotto Dream Guide. Guide me in the right direction. I will be happy with $60K per month. I promise.


Michael said...

Soon. Perhaps as soon as the end of the year, you will be able to buy tickets in the Arkansas Lottery!

So see, you were just dreaming about the trip we'll all take to Ibiza (uh bee thuh, not uh bee zuh; pet peeve) when I win the Arkansas Lottery.

Hey, somebody's gonna win! Oh, wait, that's Oaklawn's catchphrase.

Speaking of Oaklawn, Derby Day is coming up! I wonder if that certain clothing merchandiser from Neiman Marcus is going to make an appearance.

Robby Johnson said...

I know! I wish I could come for Derby but, alas, I just cannot. I did find her photograph recently and laughed and laughed again. Maybe we'll share it again since it's now been 3 years. The camou leggings under a jean skirt look never really did catch on, did it?