Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fennel and Dill

Arky, for you! Er'thang a brotha need to know about fennel.

Did I plant it because I liked the fennel "limoncello" in Italy last summer and had visions of making my own this year? Yes of course. Am I more likely to use it in a salad or my rare fish foray? Indeed.

When it comes to dill, I love it in summer soups and salads and, of course, pickling and preserving. Which I've never done. But am planning to do. We shall see how it works out, but having grown it fresh and used it for culinary purposes, I give it 2 thumbs up fo' shizzle.


jane said...

Pickle some okra, that way you can use dill, garlic, and hot pepper pods. Better yet, we should do a pickling weekend.

Michael said...

Thank you!

I guess I'll throw a fennel plant in a pot of herbs and see how it does. If I don't use it, at least I'll have the pretty yellow flowers.

And being pretty is very important!