Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Carbon Emissions Eliminator

I am , if anything, compulsive and irrational. It's what I do, it's who I am. It's the way I exist. I see pictures of The Future Me, and I take actions to help that person develop. Who cares if we're in an economic free-fall? If I'm going to simplify and comply, I must do so in such a way that complies to my standards and the way The Future Me looks in my head. And I can justify just about anything.

Inspiration? Beach trip. Catalyst? Near-miss last year that could've seen us walking about 4 miles to get to our beach tent. CARRYING A FULL ICE CHEST! As it were, we told a white lie (vision dreams of passion!) and only had to walk about a mile. It's a harrowing experience none of us have forgotten. I went directly to Target and bought a rolling ice chest upon my return. But over the year, I've done more thinking. As we're staying in the same condo complex this year, we run the same risk and quite frankly, I like to be prepared.

Initially I contemplated buying an adult tricycle with a basket on the back. But then I felt like that might be a bit geriatric and even though the one I considered folded down into a cube, it was huge and would've been a challenge to fit into Banzai. This is another reason to wear skimpy bathing suits ... less room in the car. See, I really can justify anything.

This led to my considering a bicycle, which led to my father suggesting a bicycle trailer. I was in love with this idea but, still, had that Banzai challenge. Over the weekend I saw a bicycle I quite liked at Target, so decided to see if I could find it cheaper online. While I didn't find the exact bike, I found an improved version with a rack and then - stay with me here - I discovered ACCESSORIES! And before I knew it I was a confirmed orderer with integrated options. I just need to buy a bike rack for my car now and I'll be good to go.

The truth is that I live in an area where a bicycle isn't entirely difficult to integrate. I can ride it to my grocery store - even my pilates studio, possibly my office - or the farmer's market. And yes, I know I'm beginning to sound REALLY white, but that's OK. I like the idea of consolidating my life and making things easier.

note: My bicycle might be a little geriatric. It has regular brakes that you push backward! Just like when I was a boy!

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jane said...

Look at what just opened 3 blocks from me:


I want one so, so badly.