Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring To Life

Alabama is waking up. Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive down to Aliceville (holla!) to our Lodge there and decided to stop thinking, "What a great picture that would be," when I see something that moves me - especially when I have a camera sitting in the passenger seat - and stopped to capture this blooming tree. I have no idea what it is and honestly didn't spend a lot of time standing around because a.) I had to get back to work and b.) I've seen "Dead Man Walking" and the area had this whole dump-a-body vibe to it.

Last Sunday whilst getting my Oscars on, I started seeds in a peat moss pellet tray. These things are really neat and I could spend hours just pouring water on them and watching them expand. So I was shocked when, by Tuesday morning, things were beginning to sprout. In these 72 plugs I have planted: tomatoes, chives, dill, fennel, sweet basil, lime basil, cilantro, oregano, and lavender. I have a smaller tray of just 12 pellets I started 3 weeks ago which contains rosemary and more lavender. I'm not too optimistic on the lavender as it's not sprouting at all, so might just have to buy a plant already started.

I know many people think I just unfold from my upside down hanging sleeping position each day, spread my wings with a big snapping flap and immediately begin my mission of sharing White Hot Mess with the world, but in truth I am pretty inspired by raw material, beginnings, and potential. I like bringing life to ideas and things.

Do I really intend to maintain all of these herbs? Heck no. I am giving some to special people and hoping we'll all enjoy the rewards over the season.

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