Thursday, February 19, 2009

Promises Promises

When Spring arrives early, I get a pang of anxiety for the blooming flowers, because I know Winter still has the upper hand; it saddens me that the brave invaders fall victim to the snare of a weakening regime. I say to them, "No, go back, wait two weeks," but they cannot hear me and I know it does not matter. They have seen the Light and responded to it, and even though they suffer a cruel fate they remind me that each day the Light increases and there is much promise in the coming months.

Their blooms may wither from a short freeze, but seldom is their sustainability at risk. They've evolved to withstand such strife. It gives me great inspiration and helps me build momentum. Despite the temporary setbacks, I am reminded to take every opportunity I can to shine, and to share that Light with the rest of the world.

(Cue a young Tina Turner in the film version of her autobiography right about now. "This little light of mine ...")

Photo: Forsythia outside my apartment snapped last night - a warm day of 78 degrees - about 10 minutes prior to hail-producing thunderstorms and the onset of freezing winter weather.

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