Monday, February 02, 2009

Primal Attraction

I don't know why I felt the need to buy black athletic shoes. There was something inside me that just responded to them and now I await my order to arrive. I have never had black shoes. I hope they will live up to all of my expectations. And by expectations I mean crazy abs and glutes.

My weekend was chock full of accomplishments and never dulled, thanks to body-clipping two horses, riding my friend Bryan's horse twice, getting my gardening chores on (I got all crafty with pressure treated lumber, rubber strapping, and eye hooks, and started seeds indoors because I can't wait to make pesto with lime basil), and attending a birthday celebration with my celebrity assistant Laura Catherine.

I always switch into observation mode (and by observation I mean Judgy Judgy even though I'm a Myers Briggs Perceiver) when I'm in settings that are very foreign to me. Mexican restaurant setting? Not so foreign. Mid-20 somethings waxing philosophical about their futures and then GETTING ENGAGED? OK, foreign. One minute I'm knocking back Corona Light, the next minute the texts start going off like mad, Blackberries start ringing, and a collective squeal around a table of about 25 begins ... "They got engaged!"

And then this working dialogue emerged which told the story of the ring, where they went, how LC, being the good witch she is, encouraged her friend to wear a dress to dinner since she had a hunch he might pop the question (5 year anniversary), etc. There was a little piece of me that thought it was the second coming of Charles and Diana what with all of the fuss that was going on, but then I realized I'm quite detached from that marrying environment and the pomp and circumstance that accompanies it.

When the newly-engaged arrived later - sorta upstaging birthday girl even though she didn't seem to mind - I did, in fact, perceive happiness. I can't say my crystal ball saw a castle and a happily ever after but, hey, "Now is the moment. The moment is now. Time begins now. Time ends now."

And I have a life with black Asics I need to start planning.

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