Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pilates Hate Face

I have to laugh because as a STOTT PILATES instructor, teaching in the studio for over a year now, I am beginning to notice certain patterns and phenomena intrinsic to the work and how people respond to it.

For a long time, I was a hater when it came to certain exercises because, let's face it, they were/are hard and they make me work. I just want to be the star, right? I didn't really want to have to work that hard. And so I would get mad at my instructor but in as nice of a mad way as possible. So I termed it "Hundred Mad," because that would typically be the point on the reformer when I would want to smack her - especially if we went to 110. Yes, I'm also a counter. That means if we commit to doing 100, I don't want to do 150. But as an instructor, I think I'm probably guilty of doing 150 because there's just so much I want to say!

I have a client who is fun and precious and doing fantastic in her development, but she has moments where she has to lay on the hate and it's so funny because it's such a stark contrast to her jovial personality. Last night she was particularly ornery so I gave the face a name - it's the Pilates Hate Face. Now when I see it, I know I need to adjust, or throw out a different bone in terms of cue-ing.

And while this photograph isn't pilates, I thought it was hysterical and fairly representative.

I have been to spin class 2 mornings this week, rising at 4:30 a.m. for the 5:30 class, and home by 6:30. It's not a huge effort to get there as I'm typically an early riser, but it's so worth the effort as I feel so charged and invigorated.

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