Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PC Hate

My laptop and I are at a really critical relationship juncture and I'm not even kidding ... if it were a horse we'd possibly be looking at the pink shot; if it were a person we'd be full-on getting to couples counseling; and if it were a job I would be whoring myself out on CareerBuilder.

I'm sensing a system restore/reformat in our VERY. NEAR. FUTURE.

More tomorrow, I promise. I have some political hate riled up in me. OMG, that's totally a pun. If you scan the Alabama headlines maybe you'll get it!


KD Reep said...

Three printers and an afternoon were shot before I was able to print from my new laptop. Turns out I had to remove a driver on it so it would communicate with the printer. JUST WORK ALREADY!!!

KD Reep said...

Oh, I so feel your hate. Three new printers and an entire afternoon were shot before I could print from my new laptop. The problem? A driver on the laptop would not allow it to communicate with the printer. Who knew? Who would know? JUST WORK ALREADY!!!