Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Linda Ronstadt

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My friend Joe and I love us some obscure music. Once he took me to catch the train in Slidell and we listened to this really spiritual old school black gospel (it's not called jujube is it? did I just make that word up? why did I type that word? OMG, I just Googled and that's actually candy - doh! - but it's something like that) and about a year ago I think I brought this song up via text or email and he was like, "I was just singing that!" See, that's what happens when you're witchy. You start vibing and suddenly they be magic up in there.

My parents came up over the weekend and we went to see a fabulous bluegrass group called Hurricane Creek at the Bama Theater. We were talking about singers over dinner afterward, and I said I continue to marvel at the quality of Linda Ronstadt's vocals. So I found this little live ditty of Linda and her obviously groovin' (I love the backup lady I call Clappy McHappyhands) entourage and thought I'd share.

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KD Reep said...

Thinkin' the Linda Ronstadt thing is part of the masochism, not witchiness. But hey, we all have our proclivities.

Jujube to you, too.