Thursday, February 05, 2009

Go Arkansas!

Maddie - seen here getting her roll on at Big Creek Lake in Mobile - is an Arkansas native. When we lived there, we helped on a very worthwhile project for 3 years which benefited the Humane Society of Pulaski County. It was the only Humane Society that did equine rescue in the entire state, and sadly there never seemed to be a lack of bad news when it came to animal cruelty.

When I still lived there this bill came onto the ballot but was defeated, or didn't make it through legislation (I cannot recall the exact details - my life in Arkansas sometimes seems like I read about it or watched it on TV).

I am excited to see this headline and read the story, because it reminds me of a lot of amazing people in a state many overlook. Even though it's the same state that begat Mike Huckabee, and denies children access to potentially amazing parents based solely on marital status, there is a lot of "good balance" in this success.

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