Monday, January 12, 2009

We have been getting some rock star sunsets here in Alabama. I took this last week to document the rising water from the Black Warrior River, right outside my apartment, but thought it was pretty cool to share just from an "it's perty" perspective too.

I had a fun weekend hanging out with some great people. It definitely dovetailed with my new year's resolution to spend more time with people I enjoy, doing things that feed the spirit. That doesn't always have to be a rock star glam vacation (even though we lovez them). It can quite easily be 3 hours at a table at Applebee's laughing hysterically while you dissect life and plot schemes to overtake the world.

This week's things to do:

  • Go pick up my contacts.
  • Get a new clay pot for one of my bulbs.
It's the little things like this that I'm trying to address so as not to get overwhelmed. I mean, they're easy things to do, right? But when they're layered atop 37 other things, they can seem impossible to achieve. My solution? Remove the 37 other things.

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Michelle Wadley said...

Hey Robby! Long time no see! I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog completely by accident. Now whenever I need to smile or laugh, I search it out. You are an amazing writer! Thanks for sharing! Happy riding!
Michelle Wadley