Friday, January 30, 2009

Watch It Grow

I'm so excited, as usual. It's amaryllis time!

This year I followed the rules of Beth Phelps, who was a great source for me when I used to write for the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. We did a story on forcing bulbs and she gave great instructions, apparently, because it's working!

I decided I wanted to dig my bulbs up and plant them separately so I could take one to my office, and enjoy them inside. That required me to bring them indoors the end of September, and put them in a dark closet. The critical phase of forcing dormancy is removal of both light and water.

I'm not sure exactly when I got them out - mid-December or early January - but I re-potted, started watering, and voila!, we're heading to Bloomsville. I actually have 6 bulbs now, contained in 4 pots. 2 are sending up blooms. It's really fun stuff ... I think it might fulfill in me a need to give life to something.

(Let's not talk about the baby I sometimes think I should have. I don't think anything could bring out my McCrazy like having a little one to care for. And yet I ponder it.)

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Pennisi's said...

I hope you will post pictures of the blooms. This made me want to go work in the yard.