Friday, January 02, 2009

Then Butthead said, "Fire Fire Fire!"

If it weren't for MSJ, who has guided me through life with sage, pragmatic advice, sometimes I am sure I would make even bigger mistakes than I normally do. Like vacuum cleaner fires. Didn't know they routinely caught fire? Me either!

I was all proud of myself for doing a serious unclogging of my Eureka Uno, and mentioned it to MSJ yesterday morning during a power chat, I was even more alarmed when she said, "It's a good thing it didn't catch on fire." Of course she deduced this risk when I said, "Yeah, I noticed it wasn't like picking anything up and then there was this burning smell."

So while I have many really keen perceptive skills - preternatural even - like being able to spot a boob job from 100 feet out, or being able to sniff out a potential divorce just by looking into the eyes of the unhappily-married, I am not as adept with obvious signs of danger right below my nose.

Addendum to Things To Do In 2009: Sniff Out and Recognize The Obvious.

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