Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Red Lentils, yes, again ...

If, like me, your goal is sustainable starvation (tm), or even if you just want to be a little bit healthier, you should eat red lentils. 5 years ago I might've said they were the Heather Locklear of legumes. And by that I mean, if your nutritional intake program - note, I did not say "diet" because I don't believe in that word - is suffering, just add red lentils. Like Heather Locklear pre-DUI, just one special guest appearance and HUZZAH! your ratings increase 10 points.

And here's a blog I found with a really interesting red lentil salad recipe. Check it out!

And now let's talk about Heather Locklear and her decline. I am sure it has everything to do with Denise Richards pushin' up on Richie Sambora (why, God why? Oh God make it stop my eyes are bleeding!). And for that, Denise Richards must be punished. I'm reading "The Pillars of the Earth" because it's 2006, so I'm really into casting medieval spells and thusly I begin, "By the light of the moon ..."

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