Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reality Check

In this most wonderful time of the year when everyone is relatively sure they can change their bodies and lives in 10 days, spurred on by RIDICULOUS statements by Gwyneth Paltrow, Faith Hill, and Kate Winslet. It is painful for me to bust on Kate because I think she's magnificent and looks spectacular. Faith, much as I love me a Mississippi Girl, you don't count because you lost all credibility when your Photoshopped mag cover broke last year. Plus you hated on Carrie Underwood that time when she beat your ass and I thought that was just really uncool. You got yours, Faith. Why you gotta hate on an up-and-comer? It's her time! There's enough love to go around. It's just music, for God's sake. Music you don't even write or produce - just sing and present. I remember you before you got those ears pinned back. I am pretty sure others do too.

But here's the reality: the images these people present aren't entirely the result of exercise efforts. They're the result of serious dieting and nutritional extremes, lots of external preparation (skin and hair) by major professionals, and a really healthy dose of radical crazy. We see a commercial product that walks and talks and speaks from carefully prepared talking points. This is not your next door neighbor or co-worker or even that chick you covet at the gym.

Slow and steady wins the race. Make daily changes you can commit to. Start small and prepare for a long haul adaptation. If that means you go for a walk for 5 minutes and say no to dessert 2 times a week instead of 5, that's fantastic! Build on it through the year so you can do it through your life. Don't strive to look like someone else, strive to look like you. In fact, don't focus on the physical aesthetic, focus on the inner strength and health you are building by making wise choices. So what if you have a little fat deposit on your belly (like me). I could be a lot fatter, right? I don't have the luxury of walking around Photoshopped! But am I stronger and capable of standing for long periods of time with no backaches? Yes. I think that's progress.

Personal health and fitness tends to live in Polarville - you're either Hot or Not, right? But that's not very fair to anyone. There's a ton of range in between, and personally I think being kinder to yourself will only permeate your actions and allow you to be kinder to others so that eventually we all sit around, bellies hanging a little, and sing kumbaya and burn photographs of Faith, Gwnyeth (but not Kate) in our campfire.

And just so you know, this rant was begun because I taught a client on Monday night - my normal night off - who was all caustic Type-A and accustomed to training in the gym and just couldn't slow her head down enough to recognize the benefits of the work. You don't lose 40 pounds overnight, client. And while my feelings are hurt because you don't get it, I will be willing to teach you when you drag your damaged sciatic back into the studio with your tail between your legs. And when that happens, go ahead and prepare for the fitness circle which I will use to beat you into submission.

The End.

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