Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

The only thing I want more in life than a.) world peace b.) laser liposuction and c.) the ability to physically transport is a really robust herb garden. And I shall have my herb garden. Oh I shall have it.

Because I'm 37 and such a winner that I live in an apartment (actually, I'm OK with it - it's a strategic thing) I don't have the accessible dirt which I so enjoyed when I owned a home, and when I lived in the residence at my friend's barn. But I do have this little porch thingy which I never utilize. And as part of my Stress Free 2009, I'm going to enjoy more.

MSJ and I are co-horting on Project Herb but that's all we can say about it. So I was mad excited when I found these little doo-dads which would essentially allow me to hang my clay pots from the rafter on the porch. They were cheap, and I couldn't place the order fast enough. Well, lo and behold, the company sent me a letter apologizing for not being able to obtain the product and fulfill the order. So now I'm back to shopping for something like this again. Not to worry, I think I already have a solution in mind. I just need to get busy with it.

While I'm not in any danger of missing my planting opportunity for the bulk of the seeds I've purchased, I do need to sow the lavender and rosemary indoors this weekend. And if you think I just used the word "sow" because I wanted to burst into Tears For Fears song, "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" and have a little 80's get-down, you're right!

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