Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Goldfinch: A Love Story

I won't even pretend to be anything of a birder, because I'm not. I know the basic garden variety songbirds and what not, and by default I will figure out a bird if it's, say, flying into my bedroom window for 3 days straight Summer Tanager circa 1991 (and you know you did that at a time in my life when I could've easily been convinced it was "The Birds" and you were coming to cut me ... don't think I don't remember), but I got all excited after my summer of hummingbird success and some influence from my cousin who is a much more accomplished birder. Mostly because I saw a really vivid American Goldfinch at her property this summer and, per norm, was consumed by his bling. I love me some color but thought my life in the South was pretty much relegated to blue jays, cardinals, and maybe Eastern bluebirds.

And so I got all giddy at the prospect of a Goldfinch when she said, "Fool, they all over the place, put a ring on it, some seeds out" and, lo and behold, two days ago I looked out the window at work and there, getting its seed on, was a goldfinch! (Aside: does the word "Goldfinch" make you start singing songs by Goldfrapp? "I need a oooh lalalala ..." Yeah, me too.) Right now they're in winter plumage (who isn't?) but it's my deepest bird hope that they stick around for summer when they're, rockin' the VVS stones in full plumage.

I think I know what book I'm going to get the next time I hit up Barnes & Noble: a birding guide to keep at my desk.

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Holly said...

Hahaha! How funny that you blogged about birds today. So did I! I'm obsessed with the birds at my place (although I'm primarily over run by cardinals) and I have lots of goldfinches. I have a big "Tudor" style bird feeder and then another big glass pitcher one in my backyard that attracts blue jays, wrens, cardinals, mockingbirds, and some other brown birds that I don't really know by name. They are medium to larger birds. In my front yard, I have a seed sock hanging in my tree for the "little guys" which attracts goldfinches and black-capped chickadees. Those smaller birds like to "attach" to the side of the sock and feed, as opposed to the larger birds that are ledge or feeder eaters. I have been all excited to see the elusive woodpecker from my neighbor's place come eat at my feeder some. Mostly, I hear him out when I go to feed the horses. I have also been excited by the Great Horned Owl I hear living behind my barn, but I don't encourage him to come over to the house. I have cats, and a pretty small dog, that I'd like to keep from being abducted by a large hungry bird-of-prey. :-)