Tuesday, December 09, 2008


There are 3 Janes in my life right now.

They're scattered all over North America but each of them has a significant impact on my life, and I'm happy I have them.

Love you Janes!


Jane said...

This Jane loves you too!

Michael said...

It's the day after reading this post in your blog. This post was really lovely. All the Janes in the world (especially your three) really enjoyed it, I am certain.

Me? Well let's just say reading this blog yesterday caused me to have a nightmare last night. While you were roaming around incoherent at 2:15 a.m., I was tossing and turning with nightmares about showing up for a speed workout (which occurs every Tuesday) and there being a huge television. Now, why would a huge television be set up at a track for speed training workout? Well, to have a Jane Fonda workout, of course! (And you thought dreams/nightmares were supposed to make sense?!)

Anyway, someone at the track workout announced that we were going to do a Jane Fonda aerobic workout instead of running. Someone pushed play. Then it started.

Okay, I've never seen one Jane Fonda aerobic workout but let me tell you what. I was getting worked in that workout! Ever so graceful, I was always a step or two behind. And then, for some unknown reason, Jane did a flip...and that's when I stopped, turned around, saw everyone do this flip flawlessly, and I said "No mas!"

The dream/nightmare ended. I know you expected more. So did I. But dreams never really make sense. (At least mine don't.)

So what did I learn from this dream? Never do a Jane Fonda aerobic workout. Subconsciously, I think it meant that I have been worrying way too much about Sunday's Dallas White Rock Marathon. I've put in the miles. I've done the speed workout. Now, I just have to live up to my expectations. And that's the most difficult part.

So, sorry I wrote a book responding to your blog but that's what happened!


Robby Johnson said...

Mikey, I think that means you need some sushi. That's one of my standard defaults to any perplexing dilemma or mystical reveal.

Typically they work in this order:

1.) Eat more sushi.
2.) Deny deny deny.
3.) Practice your walkoff in the hall of your house or, preferably, barn aisle.
4.) Wonder why you don't have Abercrombie abs then self-hate for a few minutes.
5.) Eventually look at the issue and address it in earnest.

Miss you!