Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

In case I missed you on Facebook or direct email, here's my holiday greeting for the year. And if this is the third time you've seen it, happy holidays anyway, muthafuckas! Daddy meanz it!

When I take Maddie walking through the trails in the woods at my parents' house, where I used to ride my horses (and fall off of them, sometimes even inciting a neighborhood SAR effort after said horse went galloping by kitchen window, riderless, freaking a non-horsey mom out!), I often marvel at how quickly the underbrush has overtaken the trails. And by quickly I mean 20 years but still, it seems like yesterday.

Like many, I typically protest encroachment by an uninvited visitor (unless it's Clive Owen in which case, visit on dude, visit on!) but I love the red berries on the highly invasive yaupan. I was walking Maddie over Thanksgiving and came upon this bush forming a canopy over the trail. I stopped to admire it and thought, "Wow, you bear this fruit and it's likely that no one will ever see it, but it's really beautiful and I'm thankful I was here to admire it."

And that led me to realize that no matter how shitty we think we have it, how Scrooge-y we are, we're all still very, very blessed and no matter how depressing the situation is we still have beautiful things around us to evoke fond memories, and help define our current moments. I cling to these recognitions when I get a bit melancholy; they give me perspective and make me feel healthy.

Happy Holidays!

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Rachel Mularz said...

Wow. This brings back some very good memories for me. You took me on my first "horsey" ride.