Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crazy In Holiday

Sometimes I be gettin' all crazy in holiday and by that I mean I could cut me some Christmas.

"You got your shopping did? You got your tree did? You got your life did?"

Those are questions I get throughout the season and if a bitch starts talking in September about how she has finished her shopping, I will hide behind a door and jump out and shank her.

Why is this? Obviously it's forced compliance and the fact that I have a HUGE issue with it. Please don't tell me what I need to do in the name of a "season." Just be nice year round. That would be an awesome gift.

Now, with that big spew of bitter out of the way, let me say that as soon as I am immersed in a holiday atmosphere - especially with my family - I'm all, "I'll be home with bells on, trim the tree and wrap the presents let the Christmas watermelonwatermelonwatermelon" so I do know I'm not quite at Grinch level. Just at Robby's Rock Bottom when it comes to the hols. So like any good 12-stepper, I'm going to accept that I have a problem so I can begin my recovery.

What might that mean?

1.) I have a neat idea for an abstract yet sustainable Christmas tree that I intend to build for next year. Simple, clean lines, easy to assemble and store. Say goodbye to fluffy synthetic fake trees and hello to art display.
2.) Summer shopping. Yes, maybe I WILL be finished by September next year. I mean, here's the reality: I have 5 gifts to buy and 3 of them are traditionally gift cards. That's accomplished in, oh, t-minus 2, so why am I so overwhelmed?
3.) Maybe even going giftless for 2009. Instead of establishing a predictable gift (I know he always gon' be getting me a gift card) maybe my predictability will be NO GIFT! Now there's a concept, right? I mean, I love me some people but what I love most is just being with them and having the opportunity to connect.

And so I give you photographic evidence of the legendary MSJ, new and improved with 40 years behind her, as well as the mystical, elusive MCV, who has sworn off her journey toward the big Four Oh. (You can do it girl, I have faith!) This was at our family holiday gathering Saturday night. I'm heading back down to the Coast today, after my yoga class, wherein I hope to "get right" and have my little chakras all dancing in a row so as not to be this year's Christmas Concern.

I'll be back next week. Enjoy your holiday!

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