Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And The Thunder Rolls

Between things that go bump in the night and the rapid onset of REALLY severe weather, I sometimes wonder if I were a medieval king (which I wasam), would my nemeses plot to overthrow me by a late night ploy?

"Attack at 2 a.m. He's completely retarded when awakened from a deep slumber. He'll give you the keys to his car and his American Express card just to let him get 10 more minutes of sleep."

Last night I actually came "this close" to doing something preemptive. The thunderstorm was so violent it was lighting up my room like daylight and not once, but twice, I heard the proverbial train.

Of course, I went right to the window and opened the blind (greenish yellow sky at 2:15? check!) then decided the smart thing to do would be put on clothes in case a tornado did hit, I wouldn't be found nekkid ... mostly because I felt like I was having a fat day. That was only after I contemplated going into the bathroom and sleeping in the tub which, can I just say, did not sound like fun.

I probably need some supervision when it comes to these sorts of things. Since I routinely find myself saying, "I didn't realize it was going to rain today," then right behind it admitting, "Granted, I've not watched the news in 2 years so why would I?" I need to be a little more aware of what the weather potential is.

Thankfully there's no sign of damage and I didn't even lose power. But, still, if you must strike, I think it's apparent the witching hour is around 2:15. Completely incapacitated, I am, at that time.


Jonathan said...

Yo, La Robby -- The witching hour is 3 AM. I don't want you to be caught off guard 45 minutes later. :)

Robby Johnson said...

Jon Jon, what would I do without you? I probably would still be wondering the pier in Naples looking for a tour bus! :D

Shannon said...

LOL You seem so like my long lost twin. I probably shouldn't be without supervision at all though....or, as my husband puts it, we really need to install a filter. (this after agreeing to take on a half wild puppy when we have six ancient strays). Chronicle member Lucyjane69 aka Shannon