Thursday, November 20, 2008


While not the actual video, I thought I'd share this one anyway to wrap up the week. Lots of obscure Madonna material is out there and, well, there's only so much we can accomplish in 5 days. Think of it as a little Madonna sampler appetizer.

I still listen to 1992's "Erotica" album from time-to-time. It was really fantastic, despite the critical bash of the accompanying "SEX" book. I believe I gave my SEX book to my friend Wilbur during "le divorce."

Wilbur, if you still have it, I sorta feel like I want it back. And you didn't do "Jack Jack No Take Back" when I gave it to you because, at 39, that would've been really appropriate, so I think I'm entitled. But if you wanted to eBay it and split the profit, I'd be down too. Holla!

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